EN Static calculations of newly built and existing wooden structures are performed according to currently valid EU standards and national supplements. During the calculations, both the overall stability of the structure and the load-bearing capacity of the partial parts and their maximum deformation are assessed.

Wooden structures of trusses, truss roofs,
pergolas or whole wooden buildings are (depending on the complexity and need) modeled by the finite element method as planar or spatial problems with respect to the boundary conditions and stiffness of anchoring and connecting elements.

Degradation must take into account material degradation; part of the building-structural solution of building modifications is then the proposal of remediation,
prosthesis or replacement of individual elements of the structure with regard to the often high historical value of the building. In addition, it is known that historic trusses often withstand everything except static calculation…

If the client is interested, the Stabil company will also design the entire attic apartment.