Structures, the load-bearing structure of which consists of reinforced concrete bars or planar elements, are modeled by the finite element method using spatial 3D models. We offer designs from simple reinforced concrete slabs of family or apartment houses to multi-storey skeletal structures,
underground pits made of ordinary or hydraulic concrete and foundations for industrial technologies or product pipelines.

Reinforced concrete and composite reinforced concrete structures are often formed by complex statically indeterminate systems that are sensitive to deformations in the supports. The design of these structures is therefore very closely linked to the appropriate way of foundation.
The correct design of the foundation, based on the results of quality engineering-geological research, is a basic prerequisite for the creation of functional construction works with a long service life and lasting aesthetic and economic value.

Assessment of concrete,
We perform composite reinforced concrete and geotechnical structures on the basis of valid European standards (Eurocodes) and national supplements. Our portfolio also includes proposals for rehabilitation or strengthening of existing concrete structures and the solution of defects in the foundation of older buildings.